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At a recent presentation I attended by Patty Gurney, Community Advocate for Nevada’s Aging and Disability Services Division, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the wealth of services available to seniors in our community.  

Patty explained the program they call No Wrong Door. Their mission is similar to that of the Foundation Assisting Seniors, in that their aim is to keep people healthy and in their homes for as long as possible.  The No Wrong Door initiative establishes a single point of entry where people of all ages can find information on long-term care assistance.

You’ve heard of 911 and 311—numbers you can call to get any kind of emergency or non-life threatening first responder assistance.  For seniors, another number to remember is 211. This is Nevada Care Connection.  One call can put you in touch with someone who will complete an assessment and determine which agency or specialist can best help.  They’ll assess, refer, help plan, advocate, and assist with applications. These specialists assist with Medicare/Medicaid, VA benefits, food, housing, medical care, caregiver respite, transportation, disability assistance,  and much more.

For more information, you can visit the Nevada Care Connection website at nevadaadrc.com or simply pick up the phone and dial 211. Tell the representative what challenge you’re dealing with, and they’ll go to work for you.

In future blogs, we’ll provide information on other programs available in our area.  Don’t forget that the Foundation Assisting Seniors’ HowRU™ and Medication Reminder programs are available nationwide.  For more information, click on the Programs tab on this website.

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