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HowRU™️ program credited with saving lives

by Carol Chapman, President, Foundation Assisting Seniors

The HowRU™️ is a free program that calls subscribers daily to see if they are well, providing peace of mind to seniors and their families.
Peace of mind is not all it does. This program has saved eight lives since its inception.

How the Program Works
When signing up, the subscriber will designate the time of day the call is made as well as two emergency contacts. Each day, at the designated time, the program calls the subscriber. If the subscriber answers the call, he/she is instructed to press 5 if okay or hang up and dial 9-1-1 if the subscriber needs assistance.

If the subscriber does not answer the call, a second call is made two minutes later, and if that call is unanswered, a third call is made two minutes later. If the third call is unanswered, the emergency contacts designated by the subscriber are contacted for follow up.

Should the emergency contacts not answer the calls, a Foundation Assisting Seniors monitor will call 3-1-1 to send emergency responders to perform a welfare check on the subscriber.

No Cost for the HowRU™️ Program
The Foundation Assisting Seniors is able to offer this service to seniors for free due to donations, sponsorships and grants.

Who Can Use the HowRU™️ Program
The program is available to anyone over the age of 50. Even if you are not a user, you can set up this program for any senior, including your parents or grandparents, nationwide.

Why Choose HowRU™️ Over Popular Medical Alert Systems
Although you cannot put a price on personal safety, some medical alert systems can cost more than $100 to set up with an additional $30 monthly fee for the service. HowRU™️ provides the same peace of mind to its subscribers for free.

Medication Reminder Program
In addition to the HowRU™️ program, we provide a free medication reminder program. This service is available to remind seniors to take their prescriptions. The senior will designate the time he wants the call to be made.

To set up HowRU™️ and/or the Medication Reminder Program today, call (725) 244-4200 or visit www.foundationassistingseniors.org, and click on “Programs” and fill out the designated forms for each program.

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