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FAS Operating Partner Program
The Foundation Assisting Seniors’ (FAS) mission is to assist the senior community in times of illness, recovery, confinement at home, coping with loss of a loved one. FAS volunteers also provide assistance with everyday tasks such as household maintenance, transportation and other senior challenges. In addition, the Foundation loans durable medical equipment free of charge.

FAS has developed assistance services and programs including; counseling, providing non-medical health assistance, limited home maintenance assistance, limited transportation services, mobility equipment, funding for senior support groups, and HowRUTM and Medication Reminder programs designed to call seniors daily to see if they are well or remind them to take their prescriptions.

The FAS volunteer network provides these services and durable medical equipment at no charge to participants. To facilitate our efforts we have developed programs with public community centers, various active adult homeowners associations and local neighborhood community service groups – “neighbors helping neighbors”. In addition to durable medical equipment and programs, FAS provides grant funding to financially support these local operating partners.

The operating partners have allowed us to expand the availability and delivery of our important services to improve the overall quality of life of seniors by ensuring that they remain as safe and comfortable in their homes for as long as possible.

Operating Partners:

To request services or to receive information on volunteering or how you and your local community can establish an operating partner program call (725) 244-4200 or click below to sign up.

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