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Philanthropists today are more sophisticated, more actively involved, and are more creative than ever. Methods and approaches to philanthropy may be complex, but the motivation has not changed over the years.

Private Individuals

Just a few of the many reasons that donors choose to be involved in the programs of The Foundation Assisting Seniors© is to enhance, invest and secure the future of those living in the immediate community. Many donors find that contributing allows them to create a living legacy, whether it’s honoring a donor or their loved ones.

The Foundation Assisting Seniors© is committed to supporting agencies, programs and organizations that are of particular interest to donors. The organization also seeks to meet donor objectives, desires and needs in respect to their contributions. Through this process, donors provide much-needed capital to promote the vitality of our great community.

To inquire about a corporate donation,
please email Favil West at thudjock1@gmail.com.

We would like to thank our corporate sponsors.
Information on becoming a sponsor can be found on the 'Giving' page.