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Donations may be made in remembrance to recognize and honor a loved one’s memory. Your donation will better our ability to effectively serve the seniors in our communities.

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2015: Don Kaufman

2014: Rita Berman

2013: Vickie Davis, Bob Ingerson, Tom Johnson

2012: John W Tracy, Richard Baker, Gordon Bruce Hansen, Joe Lay

2011: Leslie Davis, Mary Martin, Marilyn S. Brill, Nicholas Martin

2010: Stanley L Moss, M Virginia West, Nickolas Martin, James W Gagnon, Linda Jean Shuman, Barry H Friedman

2009: Merrill Rosenbaum (former Trustee of this Foundation), Diane Barad, Mary Wysong-Shellman, Harold E Shaw, Carole Weinstein,
Bonnie Weitzman, Warren Weitzman, Don Christofferson, Barbara E Begas, William A Kessler, Doris Reine Ditus

2008: Philip N Barad (former Trustee of this Foundation), Gerald Goldfisher, Paul Guretz (Son of Marge & Joseph), Danny G Mc
Clintock, Rema Gee, Jeanette Rothberg, Millie Rubin, Geraldine I Chase (Vickie Davis’ mother)

2007: Eunice Cooper, David M Cox, Ronald A Chalupka

2006: Ruth Gladstein’s mother, William Berryhill (former Trustee of this Foundation), John Condor, Larry Attebery (former Vice
President of this Foundation), Amelia Duncan, Sandra Robbins, Warren Lebish, Gregory Roth (also 2005), Francis Wynns Knudtson
Marrus, Sid Brandt, Bernie Simon, Ronald J. Chalupka, Howard Goodman, David T. Adams, Evelyn Ellman, Peggy Howard, Edward D
Williams, Leon Reemer, Terry Da Silva’s mother, Esther Contusi

2005: Jane Connelly, Jack Sylvester (Father of Favil West), Barbara Berryhill, Sharon Squire, Rema Gee (Rana Goodman’s mother), Dallas West (Nancy King’s mother), Al Pud, George Levy, Gregory Roth, Paul C. Keels, Jack E. Marks, Rosemary Waldman, Richard Victor, Theodora V. Field, Ned Olthoff, Leonard Penn, Fred Kempf, Joey Maldonado, Vernon Richey, Dora Toth (Phyllis Washburn’s mother)

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