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HowRU™ is a free program that calls subscribers daily to see if they are well, providing peace of mind to seniors and their families.

Absolutely no cost for the HowRU™ program.
The Foundation Assisting Seniors is able to offer this service to seniors for free due to donations, sponsorships and grants.

Who can use the HowRU™ program?
The program is available to anyone over the age of 50. Even if you’re not a user, you can register any senior, including your parents or grandparents, nationwide.

Why should I choose HowRU™ over other popular medical alert systems?
Though you cannot put a price on personal safety, some medical alert systems can cost more than $100 to set up with an additional $30 monthly fee for the service. HowRU™ provides the same

How do I sign up?
To set up HowRU™ today, call (725) 244-4200 or Click the HowRU™ logo below to be re-directed to the HowRU™ sign up page.

We would like to thank our current sponsors.
Information on becoming a sponsor can be found on the 'Giving' page.